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How Staying Organized Helps Me Maintain Structure


A few months ago, I made the leap from career newspaper journalist to self-employed content writer. It’s the best decision I ever made. I love helping businesses tell stories to build relationships with their audiences. Plus, I get to work with incredibly interesting clients.

Still, being my own boss poses its own set of challenges that traditional jobs don’t. One of the biggest is the challenge of maintaining structure. But I’ve found that the best way to do that is to just be organized. Actually, becoming kind of Type-A is something I learned back in my newspaper days.

Early in my career, I knew it was important to manage my time to meet deadlines. So, I quickly got organized and developed a plan of action for each day and for the entire week. I did that by making a to-do list and keeping track of appointments. I know this sounds basic, but it really did help me stay organized and work efficiently. So much so, that it wasn’t long before I could easily make room for any surprises or changes that came up without missing a beat.

As I work on my own, being organized is even more important because I have to meet my customers’ needs in a timely manner. Developing daily and weekly plans lets me do just that. Thanks to tech tools, it’s incredibly easy to stay organized. Google Calendar reminds me of appointments, while Trello helps me organize and prioritize my projects so I can meet those all important deadlines.

Thanks to skills I learned early on, staying organized gives me the structure I need as I work on my own.


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