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I’m Glad To Have The Foundation For Finding The Right Voice


It’s surprising how many tools I brought with me when making the leap from newspaper journalism to content marketing. One such tool is the ability to be versatile with voices.

When I was in newspapers, I had the opportunity to cover a wide range of news. That required me to be versatile, approaching each article differently. Here are some examples:

  • Breaking News – With these stories, I had to get to the point quickly and provide readers what they needed to know up front.
  • Sports – These articles were a balance of technical and conversational. The lexicon was geared toward sports fans who wanted to know results of an event, chronological play by plays, and all the related statistics in an enthusiastic tone.
  • Lifestyle Features – With these articles, I took the readers on a casual journey. They were designed to be more entertaining than urgent.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was actually building my foundation for content marketing. Readers of newspapers are diverse, and articles are designed to address those differences. In content marketing, each client has a different message, tone, and audience. Their approach is as individual as their business.

If I’m going to help my clients share their visions, I have to write in just the right voice to effectively showcase their messages. From funny and conversational to educational and professional, every project is different. Thanks to my background in journalism, I’m able to adapt to every one.


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