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Learning The Value of Crisis And Recovery PR After A Disaster


Since transitioning from newspaper journalism in 2017, I’ve worn several hats. One hat is that of university public relations writer with my alma mater. It’s an endeavor that I truly enjoy. It also allows me to continue growing, which I love.

In my normal capacity, my work parallels my contract content marketing efforts. That’s because the projects I produce vary in length, tone, audience, and platform. But all of them are designed to serve the university community.

That service took a departure from content marketing and expanded to crisis and recovery after a recent natural disaster left the university, itself, and all associated severely impacted in one way or another. In the wake of the tragedy, our public relations efforts have included providing students and employees with valuable information and inspirational stories of survival and hope. That content has been created with video, photo, and text content. It’s also been funneled through web, social media, and news outlets so everyone who needs to can have access.

While this leg of public relations is one that no one ever wants to endure, it’s nothing short of a valuable lifeline. And one that I’m proud to be a part of. After all, my goal of switching to public relations and content marketing was to help organizations relay useful information that will best serve their existing and potential audience. And in the wake of disaster, the crisis and recovery aspect of public relations does just that.


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