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Ready to Celebrate National Library Week


With Sunday, April 8, kicking off National Library Week, now is the perfect time to reflect on the influence that reading has had on my life – and ultimately my love of writing.

When I was a little girl, reading and writing went hand in hand. More often than not, I was either reading one of the numerous books I checked out at the library or spinning my own tales in a notebook. I had quite an active imagination, which was fueled by said books.

As a kid, my reading preferences centered around three subjects. The first was the fairy tale. The rich history of folklore was lost on me until I became an adult. When I was young, all I knew was that I loved reading about fantasy and adventure in a far-away place and time.

Nothing much has changed since then. I was grown by the time J.K. Rowling came up with the Harry Potter series. But I marvel at her handiwork of weaving the modern fairy tale.

I also developed my taste for mysteries in those early days at the library. If you gave me a book containing siblings or best buds on the case, I was good to go.

Yep, I still love a good whodunit. Of course, my favorite mystery writer is Agatha Christie. I mean, she pretty much perfected the mystery novel. Plus, she went against the grain when developing her off-beat protagonists with quirks that continue to endear us today. Who would have thought that Hercule Poiriot, a funny looking retired cop who’s also a germaphobe would strike such a chord?

Speaking of off-beat, that trait resonated with my childhood love of L.M. Montgomery. I loved the entire Anne of Green Gables series. There’s quite a lot to be said for the saga of a down on her luck, yet eccentric girl, who gets blessed by the hand of fate but continues to get in her own way time after time. It had everything: heart, love, tragedy, fun, and humor.

As an adult, I still appreciate those qualities displayed in a novel – particularly Jane Austen’s Emma. Austen thought readers would hate her protagonist. But we all see a bit of ourselves in this girl. She’s arrogant, yet kind, well meaning, yet hurtful and calculating, selfish, yet compassionate – pretty much a hot mess. Ain’t we all?

These and many other books have fueled my imagination throughout my lifetime. And that’s exactly the point behind National Library Week – to celebrate the love of reading. I’m just glad it also helped cultivate my love of writing.


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