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Struck by a Friendly Conversation

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Earlier this week when I was talking to a friend about how my foray into novel writing was progressing, her response struck me in more ways than one. She said that after reading a book that moved her, she began thinking about doing some writing of her own.

I know. This wasn’t an earth-shattering statement. But it got me thinking, nonetheless.

My first thought was that writing a book isn’t easy. Although I’ve been writing and editing in the newspaper and pr/content marketing industries for years, I’ve only recently wrapped my head around novel writing. And I find myself learning something new every day while struggling to maintain a momentum.

With that in mind, I also thought about the fantasy associated with being a novelist. Like it’s some kind of glam fest. Thanks, Ernest Hemingway. On the contrary, it’s a very solitary experience that’s fueled by the love of weaving words together to tell a story that just won’t go away. That solitary need to persevere it isn’t always easy.

Then I thought about how accessible writing is. Literally anyone can do it. All it takes is an idea and the drive to follow through. Literature is filled with authors who were just living regular lives and taking it one day at a time while crafting a story they just had to tell. And we, the readers, are all the better for it. The unemployed, single mom, aka J.K. Rowling, gave us the treasured Harry Potter series. An 11th grader who wanted to tell the real story of youth in her time, aka S. E. Hinton, gave us The Outsiders. These are just two examples of ordinary people creating something special. They had ideas and the follow through to bring them to fruition. Thank goodness.

I was really glad that my friend expressed an interest in writing. If an idea strikes that she just has to put down, it could just be the next great story that resonates with us all. Why not?


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