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Finding a Summer Reading Treasure

With Memorial Day 2018 behind us, it’s the unofficial start of summer. That means plenty of vacation time, be it an overnight jaunt or week-long venture. With that highly coveted downtime comes lots of opportunities to kick back and perform a double escape act by delving into a good book.

I recently stumbled across a work by Ally Carter and within the blink of an eye, she skyrocketed to one of my favorite contemporary authors. She’s an Oklahoma native and New York Times bestselling author with 25 pieces of work under her belt. I can’t believe I only recently came across her but am awfully glad I did.

Not If I Save You First

What hooked me on this author is her latest young adult novel, Not If I Save You First. This is a suspense thriller that tells the story of Maddie. As a child, she’s the daughter of a secret service agent and best friend of Logan, son of the U.S. President. She’s suddenly plucked from the Whitehouse when her father leaves the Secret Service and heads to Alaska to live a completely isolated life – completely. She’s heartbroken when Logan fails to keep in touch. At 16, she’s also startled to find him at her doorstep and danger soon follows.

This is an amazing read that had me guessing with every turn of the page. Just when I formed an assumption of what was next, I was proven wrong, wrong, wrong. The action was amazing, as were the characters and their plights.

But just as astounding was the vivid imagery of the Alaskan wilderness. So much so, that it became its own character. And that’s thanks to actual on-sight research of the region Carter conducted, herself. Talk about dedication to your craft.

I was so impressed with Not If I Save You First, I began investigating her other titles, which include two adult novels and the rest YA. I’m especially intrigued by her series, which includes Gallagher Girls Books and Embassy Row Books.

So far, I’ve dipped my toe in the Society Heist series, which follows teenage students in an academy teaching the fine art of covert operations. The novella Double Crossed isn’t technically part of the series, but gives it a wink and has me interested enough to want to read more.

Consider adding some adventure to your summer reading with Not If I Save You First and see if Ally Carter doesn’t draw you in, too.


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