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Content Marketing Confusion Hard to Follow



It’s a dreaded word in the social media realm. Unfortunately, I found myself clicking on that button just this afternoon. It was prompted by a direct message I received on Twitter. That message, I equate to robo-dialing from the dreaded telemarketer.

Hey (insert name),

I’m just touching base to see if you need any help managing your blog or social media pages.


Um, you want to know whether I need you to do my job for me? No, thank you. Let the unfollow commence.

What I find so frustrating about these messages is that I’m just trying to network with my peers. Share ideas. Lend support. Not get junk mail.

After all, the concept of content marketing is definitively the antithesis of traditional marketing. It’s about building relationships and helping businesses tell their stories. It’s that concept that drew me to this field in the first place. As a former journalist, I’m very comfortable using my skills to help others provide valuable information and help readers use that intel to make educated decisions.

I’m not so comfortable with pummeling people with sales pitches. Again, no thank you. This is one time I’m perfectly happy staying within my comfort zone.



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