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“Before LA Kills You” Is a Must Read With Universal Truths


I recently finished reading Before LA Kills You by Jonathan Langley. Available on Amazon, this book is a quintessential guide for anyone looking to make the big move to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of acting in Hollywood.

Langley has been in LA on the acting scene for the better part of a decade. Although he’s not a household name, the lessons he passes on from his own experience are top notch. He does this with a great amount of wit that’s guaranteed to have the reader constantly laughing and getting curious looks from passersby if perusing the pages in public.

The fun starts from the first page with a forward by actor Beau Wirick, who is best known for his role of Sean Donahue in all nine seasons of The Middle. Wirick sets the tone by summing up his own experience in the industry with self-deprecating wit.

I know, I know. I’m not an actor and have no Hollywood aspirations. But I was intrigued by the book’s concept. Plus, I’m a fan of Wirick’s on-screen work and wanted to check it out.

The truth is, I love reading all kinds of books. I do lean toward novels and a dive into a non-fiction work was long overdue.

After reading it, I found that Before LA Kills You could be equally helpful to anyone just starting off on their own – in any industry. Anyone with a little imagination can apply the lessons Langley details in each chapter to their own life.

For instance, in the chapter, “How Much Money Should I Have Before I Move?” Langley walks the reader through how much to squirrel away before heading to LA and why they’ll need that amount. Well, as someone who’s moved quite a bit in her lifetime, I know that relocating anywhere costs. So, it pays to know how much it will take to make a move and plan accordingly.

Langley also advises the reader about life skills that are universal for getting by in today’s world. Everything from marketing your brand on social media and your own website to knowing how to present yourself at networking events. While he addresses those topics from an actor’s perspective, his wise words are universal truths that can benefit anyone.

So if you or someone you know is even thinking of chasing their Hollywood dream with a big move to the City of Angles, Before LA Kills You is a must read. The universal life principles make it an equally beneficial read for anyone striking out on their own for the first time.


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