How To Use Twitter To Gain And Retain Customers


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It’s no secret that traditional advertising has had to make room for social media marketing. But how you do even begin using social media to gain and retain customers? The best place to start is with Twitter. In the last two years, Twitter has become quite the vehicle for social media marketing efforts. While they may not pay off as quickly as TV or radio ads, those efforts will go a long way toward creating those highly coveted conversions.

Build Your Audience

Before you can engage your audience, you first need to have an audience to engage. The best way to start is by making the most of the Twitter platform. Simply begin follow prospective clients and others involved in your industry. The social-media platform makes this easy to do by offering a rotating menu of potential handles to follow.


Engage Your Audience

You’ll soon notice that those you follow on Twitter will follow you back. That’s where the engagement begins. Develop that connection by sending them a Tweet or Direct Message, thanking them for the follow.


Cultivate Your Engagement

Now that you’ve established your audience base, it’s time to keep your followers engaged. You do this by establishing yourself as an industry influencer. That’s when you break out your content.


Use Content Wisely

Tread lightly when Tweeting with your content. This is not the same as traditional marketing. Flooding your Twitter page with ads for your business will do exactly the opposite of what you want: You’ll lose followers because they’re only seeking information and networking opportunities. Once again, social media marketing is about building relationships and establishing influence. Your Tweets should reflect that. So about three times a day, you should Tweet a different piece of information: a link to a blog on your website that provides instruction gives informative insight into a facet of your industry; short video Q&A’s with your leaders; or even pictures of fun activities and volunteer projects your office participates in. You can even retweet your followers’ posts. You’ll find this idea of relationship building will continue to gain you followers, which ideally will result in eventual conversions.

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