Reap the Rewards of Data-Driven Recruiting



As a recruiter, you want to be most efficient you can be. Streamlining the process by reducing the time and resources spent to find great hires that will stay with the company, is what you’re always shooting for. That’s where data-driven recruitment comes in. This technology makes the most of your data so you can streamline your hiring process.

Below are ways that your organization can benefit from data-driven recruiting.

Improved Efficiency

When you use data-driven recruiting, you reduce the amount of time and resources you spend to get quality talent. In fact, the right tools enable recruiters and hiring managers to have access to data that cut through the white noise of information overload while simplifying and speeding up the selection process.

Although 75 percent of recruiters don’t take advantage of data-driven recruiting, research shows that it significantly improves recruiting efforts and efficiency while reducing the associated costs.

Staying Focused on the Goal

Data-driven recruiting streamlines the hiring metrics your organization requires. In doing so, it saves time and cost, and keeps you on track in every step of the process in selecting quality candidates.

That time-saving benefit impacts:

  • Time to present candidate slates
  • Feedback time from hiring manager
  • The rate of presenting candidates for interview
  • The rate of transitioning from interviewing to making an offer
  • The rate of making an offer to receiving an acceptance

Streamlining the Work

Unfortunately, organizations often waste a lot of time and money with job descriptions that miss the mark. That waste also spills over into conducting numerous interviews with candidates who aren’t qualified because speeding through resumes causes recruiters to overlook the right one.

With data-driven recruiting, your organization can use data-centric tools that pair skills requirements with the ideal candidate. That’s so much better than using keywords to create job descriptions that can easily miss the mark.

But how is this accomplished? The data-driven platform works in real-time to identify the right candidates using the freshest data from both structured and unstructured sources (social media, internal databases, resumes, etc.).

While data-driven recruiting may seem complicated, it really isn’t. At SwoopTalent, we are happy to help you begin taking advantage of this resource. Then it won’t be long before you start reaping the rewards of a speedy recruitment process that lets you find top candidates with reduced errors and reduced waste of time and resources.

To learn more, please contact us.


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