Rethinking Your Newsletter Can Revitalize Your Email Marketing Campaign


Padron Marketing

With consumers seeking out marketing messages geared specifically for their needs and interests, the email newsletter has lost ground to the often more personal engagement of social media. That’s why it’s vital to rethink how your organization can use newsletters to market to those potential and existing customers.

Provide Engaging Content

First, keep in mind the golden rule of content marketing: to provide value to the customer. Your campaign should involve providing your audience with information they can use. That can be anything from industry tips, tutorials or Q&A with a company leader.

You can also provide information about new releases, offers and company updates in the newsletter. But that should be used sparingly so that engaging your audience and establishing your company as an industry influencer take the front seat.

Strategically Distribute Your Content

You can engage your audience with this content in two ways. Of course, the first is to include it in your newsletter. The second method is to attract audience members by offering your valuable information if they sign up for the newsletter. For example, when someone visits your website, provide a section that offers to give helpful information in your next newsletter, which they can click to sign up for.

Get Even More Personal

You can go even further with personally engaging customers through email marketing. With A/B testing and analytics provided by quality email services, you can gain insight into the demographics of your audience and streamline your newsletter or a portion of it to target them.


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