Space Saving Ideas: Be Smart About Your Bathroom’s Small Space

White towel and basket in bathroom. Space saving ideas

Space Saving Ideas

When you’ve got a small bathroom, it’s easy to get frustrated from the limitations you face. But don’t worry, below are some ideas to help you make the most out of your small space.


Get Creative with Storage

Just because your space is limited, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice storage. On the contrary, you just need to get creative.

  • Add floating shelves to the wall. These give you extra space for your stuff. Plus, they add a great visual element to your bathroom’s décor.
  • Repurpose a ladder. How about transforming a gently used or new small ladder into a set of shelves? You don’t really have to do much except paint it if you want it to complement the look of the room. Just place it near a wall and you have instant storage space that adds a stylish visual element to your bathroom.
  • Incorporate baskets. Trying to organize your health and beauty supplies, as well as your towels, in a small space is no easy task. But by using baskets of various sizes, you can do so while adding a splash of chic to your bathroom. Smaller baskets can house your smaller items, of course. But rolling up your towels and arranging them in larger baskets gives you storage with style. The style choice varies, from wicker to wire. So it’s easy to find something to complement your bathroom décor.


Rethink the Sink

Space can be found at the sink. Depending on your needs, you’re bound to find the right one. Below are several space saving ideas for sinks that make the most of your bathroom.

  • Trough Sink: When you’ve got a small bathroom, grappling with family members for sink time can make for stressful mornings. Most of the time, having double sinks isn’t feasible in a small space. But if you have a rustic, country or farmhouse theme in your bathroom, try adding a trough sink. Its size allows for ample space for brushing and cleaning. Sometimes, you can even manipulate the piping to allow for two faucets.
  • Oval Sink: Oval sinks get the job done. But because the bowl is small, it allows for more counter space. That’s key for a small bathroom. But the oval sink is also on trend right now, with its soft features perfect for a spa-themed bathroom – even a small one.
  • Long Sink: If counter space is what matters most, try a long sink. The bowl is wide enough for two or more people to fit in front of comfortably. But it also has plenty of room to place your things on when getting ready for your day or for bed.

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