Spur some summer imagination at these Raleigh museums

    Kids Town

      There’s no chance of hearing your kids complain of boredom this summer. Our community is rich in ample opportunities for fun and the best part is they’ll be learning all the while, without even knowing it. (We won’t tell if you won’t.)

      Below are just two of the many opportunities coming up this summer.

      Marbles Kids Museum 

      The fun is pretty much guaranteed at Marbles Kids Museum. Its name has two meanings. One is for the wall that wraps around the facility and contains more than 1 million marbles that light up at night. The other is because the term “marbles” is slang for brains. Marbles has a “play-osophy” promoting the idea that play generates creativity and learning, strengthens families, and unites communities. That’s showcased in the 14 interactive exhibits that are nothing short of stimulating. Whether it’s wandering through a mini version of the community in Around Town; having an underwater adventure aboard a pirate, submarine, or lighthouse in Splash!; or making music inspired by the wonder of nature in Tree Tunes, there’s something for everyone!

      North Carolina Museum of History 

      Help your kids dig into history at North Carolina Museum of History this summer. Here, they’ll learn about our state’s rich heritage, which includes such notables as the place where the Wright Brothers made the first controlled aircraft flight in 1903. More than 13 current exhibits delve into North Carolina’s connection with World War I, fashion, and sports. But that’s not all. This summer, youngsters can take part in numerous stimulating events, which include:

      • Time for Tots: Skiffs, Sharpies, and Sailing Ships , 10 a.m., Tuesday, June 5: Ages 3-5 learn about watercraft and make their own sailing vessel
      • History Corner: Coastal Legends , 10 a.m., Wednesday, June 6: Ages 6-9 with an adult discover North Carolina’s coast and hear such tales as the mystery of the Lost Colony and a whale named Trouble.
      • History Hunters: Inventors Wanted , 11:15 a.m., Wednesday, June 6: Ages 10-13 learn about inventors from our state and what it takes to create a new gadget. They also strive to meet the creator’s challenge.

      These are just a taste of the fun events this summer designed to inspire kids by taking them back in time. Who could ask for more? Whether it’s creativity-inspired play or taking a look back at where we’ve been, your kids are sure to have a great time this summer at two of the best kid-friendly museums in Raleigh.


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